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Part of the Read Maurice 2016 marketing campaign has included a short film commissioned by the agents created and written by Little Door Films of Cheltenham, shot entirely on location in and around Cheltenham. The star of the film however is a small pig called Flora. Flora was chosen by Jason’s daughter who insisted that the star was her pig and not her father. The film also features a rather catchy piece of music also special commissioned by the Agents.


Dear Mr Read,

Over the past weeks I have been looking through the internet for a new flat in Hampshire and I have become quite a connoisseur of other agents’ websites.

May I say that the coverage you have given to my Cheltenham property far exceeds all of them in quality, especially your superb photography. Like, you, I am not sure when, or if, a sale will appear soon on the horizon but even if it does not, be assured that I am very impressed by the excellence of Read-Maurice.

Christopher Holt

Christopher Holt